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BBC Radio London

8 August 2019

Birth trauma and mental health

The Daily Mail

18 July 2019

The traumatic births that haunt women for DECADES: The arrival of a baby is supposed to erase the agonies of labour - but as a psychologist reveals, for some the legacy can be devastating

Honest Mum

9 July 2019

Being pregnant and giving birth are like crossing a narrow bridge. People can accompany you to the bridge. They can greet you on the other side. But you walk that bridge alone.’


8 July 2019

“When we hear about birth we often hear two very distinct stories”

Irish Examiner

7 July 2019

“We’re increasingly aware that many women (around one in three) come out of their birth experience feeling some symptoms of trauma.

BBC Futures

24 April 2019

“The factor which we hear about time and time again is lack of kindness and compassion from staff,” she says.


28 November 2018

“Post-traumatic stress symptoms are often misdiagnosed as post natal depression. This means that people are likely to be offered ineffective treatments, such as anti-depressants, rather than the trauma-focused psychological therapies which could lead to a quick recovery.

Down There

10 October 2018

"The key thing to remember about the experience of a traumatic birth is that it is subjective. It’s not about how the birth appears medically on paper, although obviously that can be part of the trauma. It’s more about how women feel during their birth experience. They may feel they weren’t listened to, or that the people looking after them weren’t kind or compassionate, or that they were out of control or they lost their sense of self. "

BBC London News

28 July 2019

Woman who suffered 'brutal' birth helping mums with PTSD

The Psychologist

12 July 2019

To mark Birth Trauma Awareness Week, Dr Emma Svanberg outlines a model of birth trauma and efforts to raise awareness and share stories.

Not Another Mummy Blog

9 July 2019

Emma Svanberg (Mumologist) on Birth Trauma

Huffington Post

8 July 2019

"By not talking about birth – the gory bits as well as the glorious bits – we keep hidden a significant part of our experience as women and parents", writes Emma Svanberg

Irish Times

2 July 2019

Ask the Expert: How can I learn to cope with a traumatic birth?

BBC News

28 November 2018

"Many women who have had a traumatic birth in the UK are not diagnosed, misdiagnosed or cannot access rapid, specialist, trauma-specific treatment," she added.


13 November 2018

The loss of control. The sense that you are not who you have always been. The realisation that all the reference points that you had about yourself – your relationship, your job, your home, your social life – don’t matter so much in a world dominated by milk, poo and sleeplessness.

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