This is the Make Birth Better model, describing what we see as the factors involved in the cause and prevention of birth trauma. This conceptual model has been developed following analysis over over 70 traumatic birth stories, four workshops held in London & Yorkshire with parents and professionals, as well as feedback from our Network. 


We felt that it was helpful to create a tool for reflection which could be used by practitioners immediately, to enhance and influence your practice. We will be offering training on birth trauma and using the model, which attendees will then be able to teach to their own services and teams (our first training is April 3rd). We are also happy to offer consultation to individuals and services who work in birth services, who are interested in setting up reflective practice groups or would like to understand how to use the model to create a trauma-informed service. 


Parents can also use the model to think about the care they would like, and are welcome to share it with care providers to help them think together about birth planning. It may also be used to think about what may have influenced a difficult birth experience, and highlight areas which you may wish to explore with a trusted supporter. 


The model describes the impact that birth trauma has on every part of the system, and our belief that birth trauma cannot be prevented without addressing each different layer. We believe that small changes at any layer can make a huge difference - for example educating families about their birth rights and choices, encouraging more diverse representation of birth stories in wider society, encouraging commissioners or Royal Colleges to prioritise trauma-related training approaches. There are many different opportunities to prevent birth trauma, and support those who have experienced a difficult birth - at the moment we are missing many of these opportunities. While we believe that training has a key role in educating all of the professionals involved in birth about trauma and trauma prevention, our core message is that trauma can be prevented by using the core values outlined around the edges of the model. These are values which are not taught in training, but are supported by compassionate individuals, teams and services. 


Our goal is that birth can become a collaborative experience between families and professionals, who all feel held in a system that values its parents, children and those who care for them. 

We have lots of resources you can use based on the model, and please contact us if you would like to talk about training, consultation or supervision.

Many thanks to Limor Guerabli for turning our scribbles into this beautiful design. 

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