Trusting myself


The birth of my son 3 years ago was an amazing experience. We started at home but had to transfer to hospital because of some unexplained bleeding but somehow I always trusted my body and my baby and I knew he would be fine (even when they couldn't find a heartbeat - a wire had fallen out of the monitor). I somehow stayed calm through annoying junior doctors striding in and turning the lights on, having an argument about cord clamping (we won!) and the panic in the room when my waters were full of meconium, that was the moment I knew I had to push with all my strength the get my baby out before they wanted to intervene.

I felt the most amazing feeling when he came out pink and crying and was put straight on my chest. The strength of being a woman is truly awesome. What would #makebirthbetter is having the same midwife who was at home with us stay for the birth, the medics thinking of me as a phenomenally strong woman not a patient and a bed big enough for my partner to join us after the birth.

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