The support of midwives

I've had three children, the first wasn't as I thought - I developed pre-eclampsia and had to be induced early, away from home in a large hospital. All done for the safety of myself and baby. I got to have a natural delivery and avoid a C section. So it was still positive but as a first timer, I didn't have anything to compare it to. The staff were very good given the situation.

My second two births were at our local birth unit. Midwife run, fantastic place! With my second -Turning up there in labour, being greeted by familiar faces, feeling like I was the only woman they were attending to. That was a fast delivery! So not much time for anything. But all my wishes were 100% respected. We did hypnobirthing and I was encouraged to just listen to my body... it knew what to do. After the delivery, I got lovely food and was made to feel like I could stay as long as I wanted.

My third I FINALLY got to use the birthing pool, my midwife was a really quiet lady that time. I knew her already. She was so hands off, respectful. Left my husband and I to it (while sitting in the corner writing her notes with a lamp!)

She had stayed after her day shift for THE WHOLE NIGHT! As there was also an emergency taking place in the unit. But I was never made to feel like a burden by her, or in the way. I really feel that my births were made to be so positive because of the outstanding midwives in the team. Who treat you so brilliantly.

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