The difference support makes

I had 2 very straightforward labours, text book and no intervention and coped very well.

HOWEVER the weird thing was that my first labour was longer and harder, but I felt safe and supported by the midwives I had - there were 2 of them. Even when they thought I had been pushing for too long and moved me to labour ward I felt in control and safe (my little boy was born pretty much 3 mins after I was moved!). The treatment / care in the immediate aftermath was great too. They made me a brew, brought me some food and left me and my partner alone for an hour - they didn't make me shower or anything (only a wee).

My second labour was much quicker and I had a midwife who was basically talking like I was a child and was very patronising - I arrived at the hospital at 8cm dilated and couldn't sit still / lie down due to the intensity of the contractions.

She was talking about me as if I wasn't there.

When she managed to examine me - she was surprised I was so far into active labour - hmmm that's why I couldn't sit down! Anyway I was taken to a room and was with a very cold and distant midwife who was okay in the moment when I was giving birth. The time after though wasn't good - it was 2 in the morning, she made me sit in a chair when all I wanted to do was to lie down and cuddle my baby, she then made me have a shower about 30 mins after I'd given birth and then I was left alone (with my partner) sitting in the chair for 3 hours.

I felt very abandoned and scared for some reason - just completely uncared for.

It wasn't like I had a hard labour - it was very fast and intense but it was so shocking to me and my head / body. I left hospital the next day a nervous anxious wreck. Ended up with PN OCD, anxiety then PND. I think the experience made me feel very scared and vulnerable. It wasn't the sole reason but certainly contributed.

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