Stretched midwives


My eldest was born via emergency c-section. My youngest was born via elective c section which unfortunately then turned into an emergency and a hysterectomy for me.

I am forever grateful for the amazing care and treatment I received in those 'emergency' situations.

However both times in the post natal ward I feel lacked the care and attention at such a vulnerable time. I believe this comes from the high turnover on the ward and midwives being stretched. There were a couple of exceptions but I just felt a number rather than a real person.

I realise having a hysterectomy is very rare but I felt they didn't appreciate what I had been through from coming across as frustrated that I wasn't up and moving around, grabbing my tummy to give me clexane, expecting me to be able to walk down to the ward with my son, to asking me questions not appropriate in my situation.

Both times I was in such vulnerable state and have struggled both times coming to terms with the births of my gorgeous sons.

I am a physiotherapist so understand how wards work and the importance of movement etc and I really felt that the care (especially when it wasn't the 'normal' recovery) was affected due to workload and staffing.

As a positive my consultant was very considerate to check my understanding.

I think part of the shock I felt is that before the birth of my first son I went to yoga, I kept active etc and yet me being 'low risk' still resulted in an emergency csection and being so scared seeing his heart rate falling. I am interested in your campaign as I do feel there must be a way without scaring mothers to be about birth but also that to be prepared for when thinks do become urgent.

I find it hard to express the feelings but I do believe that the care at that time can effect the start of your life as a mother.

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