The difference better communication could make


I had a smooth pregnancy no problem expect my son was measuring on the larger side.

37 week appointment doctor said if the baby continues to grow this rate he will be 10lbs and will be a section.

39 week about I was booked into be induced 10 days after my due date. I begged to be induced early but I was told it’s amazing what our bodies can do.

I go in at 41 weeks with reduced movement so I get induced then. Pessary went and everything was fine until 12 hours later, I wake up to a contraction which was just a continues tightening. Was monitoring for 4 hours and it didn’t ease so was given an injection and the pessary removed. Having regular contractions we were waiting for a bed on the labour ward, everything fine. Go to labour ward, waters go and the drip needed to bring on contractions. Everything fine loving life on gas and air.

Then things went downhill! I wasn’t passing urine so a catheter was placed and limited to 15mls of water an hour. Ask for epidural but 10cms so it was too late. Take the gas and air and remi off me to push. 45 mins doctors called. Woman doctor walks in and says “look at the size of that bump, just look at it”

One doctor wants to take me for a section another doctor says she is fine (this is the doctor who commented on the size of my bump). So I’m left to push. 2 hours into pushing and me crying I can’t do this then doctors come in again. A consent form waved in my face to sign. No idea what I’m signing for and in too much pain to care.

Midwife has me stripped and in a gown being rushed to theatre. Legs in the air still pushing. Spinal giving. Legs up. All I see is the big light and some man with both his hand in me. Then my husband walks in to being held up to push the baby out while hearing the shoulders are stuck.

The Doctor pulls and the baby is out and dumped on top of me. Covered in blood, so much blood that It’s running down my arms. Baby is taken to be weighed at 9lb10.5oz and cleaned and given back then I start to blackout and come round.

Baby and husband away. 2 and a half hours later I'm taken to recovery. To my husband asking what went wrong. Neither of us knew. The woman doctor came and said 'oh you had a 3rd degree tear' with a picture she drew and that was it. No one mentioned it again was given a leaflet to do pelvic floor exercise. 4 months later go to a check-up at the hospital where I tell the doctor I’m suffering from incontinence fecal and urine to be told that’s alright. 10 months later still suffering incontinence while in intense physio, on medication for nerve damage and MRI scan to see the real damage that was done. The doctors didn’t care at the time or afterwards.

What would have made your birth experience better?

Better trained medical staff.

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