My incredible second birth

By: Chloe - Instagram @colourfilledliving

My first birth was on paper, a straightforward, natural and uncomplicated birth. I had my daughter in the birthing centre at hospital, in the water with no epidural and just gas and air. It all sounds lovely. However, I was completely clueless on how to give birth and all the technicalities of what my body was actually going through. I had midwives telling me to forcefully push harder for a full 45 minutes, and as a result I had a really bad 3rd degree tear.

After a natural birth, I had to wait 8.5 hours to be given a spinal epidural and sutured in theatre. I had a complication with my spinal and had to go back into theatre a few days after giving birth.

HOWEVER, Second time around, I had the most INCREDIBLE homebirth. I had my daughter in a birthing pool, without any medication and no gas and air. I delivered her by myself without any assistance whilst my midwives sat and drank tea! It was the most beautiful experience and has completely changed my view on birth and how all mothers should be given the freedom and the choice to birth how they want to. I also learned so much about how to give birth whilst I was pregnant the second time around that it felt like I was doing this for the first time. 

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