Dealing with Health Anxiety


My daughter is nearly 3 and I am about 3 months into EMDR therapy with a woman's health counsellor. I was left with PTSD after my daughter was born critically ill at term. She spent 4 weeks in intensive care, 4 hospitals - a RAF flight to another city where she was put onto ECMO treatment. She came home on oxygen for 4 months. The time that has followed has left me with debilitating anxiety about my own health (life) with each day of going to work being a battle. I recently only decided I needed help and have been working with a therapist to understand how the trauma and sense of threat is still so real in my mind. I am a big advocate for people talking about their birth traumas and probably wrongly, feel massively sad so deep inside when I learn of people's healthy deliveries. I feel like it is a massive loss when things don't go as planned and it's incredibly isolating.

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