A positive C-Section

Tabitha's head never engaged so at 40+13 I was very uncomfortable and extremely anxious. But the decision to finally have a planned c section was made by my husband and I. The consultant and midwife armed us with all the information. But at such a late stage it just felt like she was never coming out. 

I was really disappointed not to have a natural birth as I'd planned to have a water birth and I was shaking with fear about having surgery but the consultant and his team made the whole experience so special it actually felt natural and how my baby was meant to come into the world. Apart from when the consultant asked if I wanted the radio on and when he didn't like the music asked if could put a CD on, I didn't really care or notice at the time.  But my daughter was born to Bruce Springsteen!!

I even loved being in hospital for the 2 days after. I shared a room with a girl I'll be friends with forever and we both got through he experience together.

She'd had a section  too so we were encouraging each other to walk and get moving. We chatted during the night so much we got I  trouble with one of the senior midwives.

 I just thought I'd share how as a whole it was all amazing, terrifying and wonderful 

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