'A Close Call'


I have a 14 month old healthy boy. I wanted a natural birth and practiced hypnobirthing but knew I had to be prepared for any eventuality. I wasn't prepared for my emergency birth and my treatment.

I was induced at 41 wks for low foetal movement. My induction started well. Pessary fell out after 6hrs. I had mild contractions all night and was brought to birth suite to break waters the next morning. I laboured myself from 1 to 6cm in a couple of hours. Then they wanted me on syntocinon. I reacted adversely and had multiple contractions with no break so they stopped drip. I got a epidural as I couldn't cope due to the drip.

I then had three individual incidents where they lost my baby's heart beat. My midwife hit the emergency button three times. Over 8 people crammed in our tiny room manhandling me. They were so rough with me that my husband had to tell them to stop and be more considerate. I was naked with no sheets on the bed as they came off in the drama. It all settled down again each time.

The consultant told me I'd be two more hours before ready to push so topped up my epidural. They weren't aware how fast I was progressing and in fact I was ready 15 mins later when I had a 3rd heart rate issue with my baby.

However I had no feeling so couldn't push. I had three midwives using their fists pushing my tummy to get baby out. I had a huge episiotomy and kiwi ventouse. The sound of the cut still haunts me. The doctor had to brace her foot on the bed to pull my baby out. Cord was around his neck.

It was a horrific experience. My baby is perfect but it was a close call. My labour was only 5 hours but I had 4 different midwives. They had no idea how quick I was progressing. I should have had a C section. I checked out of hospital within 12 hours as I didn't feel supported on the ward and was desperate to leave.

I had a terrible recovery. My scar goes nearly three inches up my vaginal wall as well as external and I couldn't sit for 8 wks. I had multiple infections of the wound and retained placenta. My GP told me how horrific I looked down there at my 6 wk check up which also didn't help matters.

The only saving grace was a private women's health Physio. She really helped me, I was totally broken.

I'm all good now but it still shocks me when I think back.

More continuity and personalisation of care would have been better. I feel like they just weren't paying attention to my progression.

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