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Many thanks for contributing to the Make Birth Better social media pages. This page should tell you everything you need to know, but please email us if you have any questions. 

We are incredibly grateful to you for offering your time and experience to the Make Birth Better pages. We pride ourselves on being an inclusive platform to share the voices of a diverse range of parents and professionals. We have created these guidelines to ensure that your takeover is as stress-free as possible.

What to do 

You should already have a date for your takeover. Please email or message us in the week before to let us know what you will be writing about, and we will send you the password to log in. 

You are welcome to write about anything at all related to birth or the circumstances around birth and birth trauma in particular. We just ask that you don't share any information about anyone without their explicit permission, and that - if you are a professional - you don't share case study material. 

We sometimes have running themes or campaigns throughout the calendar, so on theme weeks please stick to that particular topic  - not every week will be themed and then we can explore other topics, share news, insights and ideas on these un-themed days.  


Talk about something you’ve been thinking about recently, post about recent news pertaining to birth, events or articles you’ve come across or simply just say hello and let people know that they are not alone and we have lots of resources on the site to help them if they are suffering.


All posts should be suitable for the platform you have chosen. So Instagram posts should read like mini-blogs, Twitter concise points and Facebook you can be much lengthier if you would like to.

If you are a professional and offer any treatment or therapy, please be aware we will add a line to your content 'At @birthbetter we are open to all therapies and holistic treatments and believe each person's journey to recovery is unique. We do recommend as a first course that those with trauma inform themselves about the evidence' based treatments for trauma and clarify the qualifications and supervision structures in place for any practitioner, in order to make an informed choice about their care'. This is to ensure that the safety of our followers is always paramount and is not in any way a comment on your expertise! 

Logging in

You will be sent the log in details on the day of your takeover. If you have any problems please email us 

It's worth checking you can get in the day before your takeover. 

On the Day

Three KEY things that you must please do on the day of your takeover

  1. Introduce yourself. All comments and posts MUST then be signed off with your name/Instagram handle so people know who they are talking to

  2. Create content warnings for all of your posts, even if they seem completely benign to you they may be triggering for someone ready. So start each post with 'Content Warning' and then a couple of words describing the theme (e.g. #birthtrauma, #birthaftertrauma, #birthinjury)

  3. If you see any DM's in our inbox which are for the core team please flag them (top right, the middle icon). If you think any of them need urgent attention please email us on



If your post is about a topic then you can choose a photo relevant to that topic as long as you have the permissions to use it.  If you need stock images, Unsplash is a great resource for royalty free images. Or a photo of your beautiful face will do!


If you want make something more eye-catching or a video, there are plenty of cool apps to help spruce up posts, like Legend or HypeType - there are many out there so do whatever you most enjoy. WordSwag is a great app if you just want to create a title photo. Feel free to be creative, but always be aware of potential triggers for those following.  




While we value the diversity of voices and experiences in the group, it’s important to keep a consistent tone to our approach.  Lots of the topics we cover can be incredibly emotive for both us and the audience, so please remember to take a breath if things are ever getting heated and step away if you need.  We are creating a safe space for discussion and we must encourage polite and respectful conversation.

We are:











We are NOT:









If any comments start getting heated on any posts, please encourage people to be respectful and if necessary,  let us know if things feel like they are getting out of hand.

Thanks so much for your contribution

The MBB Team

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