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The circle of trauma between parents and professionals


Make Birth Better conducted two surveys in 2019. These targeted access to support after a traumatic birth and staff training and support needs for maternity, medical and mental health staff.

We know that the perinatal period is a particularly vulnerable time [MMBRACE, 2019] and women, birthing people and their partners are too often met with a disjointed, reactive service.

Our key findings, conclusions and calls to action are highlighted below. In short traumatised services are creating traumatised parents. Our data suggests that at least 1 in 3 who experience birth trauma are not offered the support they need and 3 in 4 healthcare professionals have never received any specific training on birth trauma. You can read the full report here.

We will be launching a full #circleoftrauma campaign on XYZ

Calls to action

We call for three decisive actions:


  1. ALL maternity and perinatal mental health services to look at the training and wellbeing need of staff teams for the prevention, assessment and treatment of birth trauma (for women, birthing people and partners as well as vicarious trauma themselves).

  2. Rapid and repeated assessment of birth trauma for all women to ensure we have clear national statistics on birth trauma rates using City Birth Trauma scale administered by health visitors and GPs, and that this data is collated in an accessible format.

  3. Clearer adherence to current guidelines to ensure all women, birthing people and their partners have rapid access to local, evidence based trauma focused care which is monitored nationally, to ensure best practice treatment.

If you have any questions at all please don't hesitate to contact us on hello@makebirthbetter.org.